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Birth preparation course with Inga María

The course is designed to be watched at home... or listened to anywhere and anytime. You can watch or listen to the course as many times as you want, or single chapters if you want to review something specific.
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What is included in the course?

  • 15 videos about preparing for birth
  • Notes from each video
  • 2 extra videos about breastfeeding and the first days
  • Receipt for purchase
  • Access for 36 weeks (8 months)
    Fæðingin ykkar - handbók fyrir verðandi foreldra (book in Icelandic)

You pay for access

After that, you can watch or listen to the course as many times as you want, or single chapters if you want to review something specific.


Contact me to receive a receipt for purchasing the course, but many unions will refund the fee. Check your rights with your union.

Fæðingin ykkar -handbók fyrir verðandi foreldra

The course is based in many respects on the book, so the book is included (if wanted). The book is easy to reed, with short chapters and it's easy to look up in it. 

Zoom meeting

On the first Tuesday of every month, I have a Zoom meeting for everyone who has purchased access to the course. There you are invited to ask questions or discuss anything related to the birth process.

Course reviews

"Very clear and good review, conveniently divided into sections and each section not too long at all. I'm expecting my second child and I knew the process well beforehand, but there's still a lot there that will be useful to me and is a good refresher."

-Unnur Helga Briem

"Informative and professional . It was convenient to be able to watch this when it suited us as we don't pay attention for long during lectures. We finished the course in a few nights when we found that we could receive information."

- Anonymous

"Very good course and informative. It's great to be able to attend this course electronically at your own time and on your own terms, instead of being obligated to show up somewhere at a predetermined time and sit for hours over the material. If I hadn't come across this, I probably would have ended up skipping the course and turning up at the maternity ward with a 'it'll be fine' way of thinking, but I'm very glad to know better what I'm getting into and be able to review the material again when closer to due."

-Andrea Sigurðardóttir

"Informative and calming course that gives good confidence before birth and what comes with it. A great course that everyone can benefit from."

-Jóhanna Edwald

"It was very useful and good for both of us. Great to be able to review this when you have time and be able to fast forward and rewind. Thanks!"

-Anonymous (partner)


Inga María Hlíðar Thorsteinson

My name is Inga María and I have been a nurse and midwife since 2018. I completed a diploma course with a focus on breastfeeding at the University of Iceland in the spring of 2023. I am the author of the book "Your birth - a handbook for future parents" which was published in 2021. I have worked as a midwife in maternity care and postpartum care at Landspítali and in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as a nurse. Now I work in the Maternity -and labor Department at HVE (Hospital in Akranes), in maternity care at the Efra Breiðholt Health Care Center and in home care. I am a mother of two myself and I enjoy photography in my spare time.

I have great ambitions for expectant parents to go into childbirth informed and confident and to experience the birth in a positive way. I hope my experience and knowledge will be useful to you.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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